The Importance of Having Roadworthy Certificate

A result from dangerous and unroadworthy vehicles being on the road is the rising of the global rate of car accidents every day. These car crash accidents can place tremendous hardship on family’s financial stable condition and more importantly, their health. For this reason, there are plenty of benefits of keeping your vehicle in roadworthy condition. You are highly recommended to contact a car repair service to do proper maintenance of your vehicle to ensure the safety of yourself, your family and the community.

What is roadworthy vehicle?

The term roadworthy means your car is worthy of being on the road. The local governments within Australia have set the standards for vehicle roadworthy and the transport departments generally enforce it.

It is safe for you to drive on the road when you get to accomplish a roadworthy status. The vehicle must be in good condition so that you are safe on the road and there is no threat to the driver or passengers. Moreover,  other vehicles on the road or pedestrian must also not be threatened because of your car. For example, if the tyres on your vehicle are worn out then you may lose control of your car, meaning you will put people at risk. Several common threats to look out for include: any oil or fluid leaks; lights not working efficiently or at all; brake performance; suspension integrity; all vehicle components properly fitted and secure; and illegal modifications. These are some of the main things you will be able to handle yourself, however; there is a considerable checklist of what makes a car roadworthy. The best way to know is to talk to your go-to car mechanic about it. At any given time, your car should be able to pass a roadworthy. There are some certain times when you are required to pass a roadworthy inspection and issued with a safety certificate (roadworthy certificate).

Why do you need a Roadworthy Certificate?

It is a requirement of the Victorian law that every car has a valid Roadworthy Certificate issued. If you are purchasing, selling or re-registering a car in Melbourne or the rest of Victoria, it is against the law to do so without a Roadworthy Certificate.

Before you are able to register a vehicle in your name, or change the registration into the name of the car buyer, the vehicle has to be tested for roadworthiness. You must have your Roadworthy inspection completed by a licensed vehicle tester in Melbourne.

How do you obtain a Roadworthy Certificate?

An approved inspection station is where you should go to if you need a safety certificate. An approved inspection station is a qualified mechanical workshop to carry out inspections and issue safety certificates.  Hence, it is important to find a car mechanic you can trust. This will give the peace of mind you deserve that a car your buying or selling is truly roadworthy. Prepare your vehicle whether you are buying, selling or re-registering. Go no further than your local car service station in that is  authorized to carry out and issue roadworthiness inspections.

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  1. I liked what you said about the importance of having a roadworthy certificate. My uncle is looking to buy a new car. Making sure that it is fully certified could be really nice for him.

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