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Frequent Causes of Car-Start Issues

A car is made use of every day for driving your kids to school, driving to work, getting groceries, traveling across the city, and even more. When your car stops working all of a sudden, it can be a tremendous pain. In the morning, an enormous number of drivers will sit in their cars and realize they cannot start their cars. It is such a hard fact of life that anyone who drives any length of time will finally find themselves in such a situation. The following are the typical reasons a car may not start:

1. Dead battery

A dead battery is the first most common reason why your car will not start. The battery is what the car utilizes to produce electrical power to the entire car and electrical components like lights and radio. While the vehicle is moving, the alternator charges the battery. If the battery is not adequately charged, you will not be able to start the car or use any electrical devices. One suggestion you can test to see whether the battery indeed is the source of the problem or not, is by jump-starting your car. If the jump start works well, you are most likely having a problem with a dying battery or an alternator whose trouble with recharging the battery.

2. Faulty ignition switch

If you know your battery is working rightly, but your car does not turn on after the first few tries, the issue might lie within the ignition switch. You can try to make it less of an issue by switching on your headlights so that your car’s battery controls your headlights and dashboard.

3. Defective starter

A defective starter is another common reason your car will not start. A starter is a piece of electrical motor that is connected to the battery. It has the role of setting the engine (such as pistons, crankshaft, etc.) in motion when you turn the ignition switch on. Once the engine starts and is in motion, the starter’s job is finished. If the starter goes wrong, the engine will not crank properly or may not crank at all when you activate the ignition key. If you hear a clicking sound when you attempt to start your vehicle, a broken or weakened starter could be the cause why your car is not starting.

4. Blocked fuel filter

If your fuel filter is blocked, then the gasoline cannot reach the engine, which makes it uneasy for your car to burn the fuel it needs to get going. Fuel filters should be replaced every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometers, so consider exchanging fuel filters next time you are in for a car service.

5. Empty gas tank You might feel a bit foolish if this is the reason why your car is not starting, but it occurs more often than you may think. When driving around all the time, it is sometimes easy to overlook that your gas tank needs to be refilled.

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