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Maximising Car Air Conditioning’s Efficiency

Being able to crank your car air conditioning and finally finding a bit of relief from the unbearable heat may be the best feeling on a hot day. Air conditioning is arguably one of the most important features in a vehicle, sometimes rolling the windows down simply is not enough. However, it is important that you know the proper way to use your air conditioning to avoid excessive stress on the engine or reducing your fuel mileage. So before you crank the air all the way up, these are some tips to make sure that you are maximising the efficiency of your car air conditioning and that you are using it properly to avoid unnecessary and avoidable damages:

  • Park your car in a shaded spot

It may sound not impactful, but one way to start to minimize the AC’s work is by parking in a shaded spot, particularly if you will be away from your car for the entire afternoon. Shade will at least help lower the temperature inside your vehicle for when you get back—no matter how hot it gets throughout the day.

  • Turn on your AC with a low setting

Once you get into your car, do not immediately crank the air conditioning to a high level. This will result in faster wear and tear as well as overheating because more energy than usually is required to rapidly cool without any warming up. You are best recommended to turn the air conditioning on, start with a lower setting and let it warm up a little bit before turning it up higher if the weather outside is unbearable.

  • Do no shut off the air immediately

Turning your vehicle off immediately upon arriving at your destination without turning the air conditioning off first is possibly one of the most common improper treatments of the car air conditioning Leave the fan on at an intermediate speed to work to dry out the AC’s evaporator once you turn the air off. By leaving the fan running, the moisture and condensation that builds up will be reduced and moss or bacteria will be prevented from building up on the evaporator.

  • Pay attention to fuel efficiency

Keep in mind that using your air conditioner will eat into your vehicle’s fuel consumptionas the car air conditioning compressor is powered by the engine. A reduction in fuel efficiency is a result from using the air conditioning on a high setting. Thus, if you do not need the air to be that high, avoid overusing your car air conditioning.

  • Have your AC serviced regularly

Car owners are recommended to have your car air conditioning service every couple of years, which includes the process of evacuating the refrigerant gas and replacing the lubricating oil, as well as completing a system leak test. Maintenance will spare you money in the long haul and provide you guaranteed comfort in the hottest months. Save the number of a local mobile car mechanic or car repair service that you can rely on

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