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Must-Keep Items In Case of an Emergency Car Breakdown

An emergency car breakdown can be truly troublesome particularly when you cannot fine any help near you. And truly no one wants to have their car breakdown in the middle of the road. The good thing is nowadays there are many car mechanic services that offer mobile car repair. You can call them from wherever you are and provide you the assistance needed when you have an emergency car breakdown.

Mobile car mechanic will come to you and help get your car back on the road. Of course, Calling for a mobile car repair is a smart move to take when in need of immediate car repair. Besides, having them coming to your aid is better than getting your car towed because you will save some money from not having to pay for the towing service.

However, if you get a flat tire, your car battery dies, or severe weather forces you off the road, there are some items that you should have in your car while you wait for the car mechanic to rescue you on site or when you cannot find a mobile car mechanic services. Essentials such as your owner’s manual and proof of insurance in your car may be already inside your glove compartment, but what else should you have on hand? Here are some essential items to keep in your car in case of emergency car breakdown:

1. First Aid Kid

You can purchase a prepackaged kit or make your own. Simply make sure  that you include bandages in multiple sizes, gauze, an antibiotic cream, any pain relievers, allergy medicine, hand sanitizer, and cotton swabs. If you want to be more prepared, consider including a thermometer, heating pad, battery-powered radio, and any medications that you or your family may need.

2. Warm Clothing

When the temperature in your area drops and you are stuck in your car with a malfunctioning heater–keeping blankets, sweatshirts, and other warm clothing in your trunk can be save your life. You can store a fleece blanket or thermal sleeping bag in your car if you reside in a colder part of the country. Additionally, you can always make use of your blanket as a makeshift tarp, towel, or window shade.

3. Water Bottles

Whether you store a case of water bottles or a few jugs in your trunk, water will do more than quench your thirst. You can use it to cool off your radiator when your car overheats.

4. Snacks

Waiting for your mobile car mechanic with a growling stomach worsens the already-unpleasant experience of having an emergency car breakdown. You are recommended to keep food that is not too messy and does not require to be stored in the fridge. Snacks such as granola bars, crackers, nuts, seeds, cereal, dried fruit, and turkey jerky should be in your glove compartment. The best way to do in an emergency car repair situation is to contact a mobile car mechanic right away. You should keep the number of your local mobile mechanic that you can depend on in times of emergency car service. It is very useful to have their contact ready, just in case.

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